Money accounting for business has become easier

Finolog is a service for small businesses. It shows all money flows
in one safe place. It predicts cash gaps

All money flows in one place

Finolog accounts for all legal entities, accounts and cash. It shows the complete picture!

It predicts cash gaps

You need accounting to avoid paying out of pocket.

Estimation of business profitability and efficiency

Once Finolog accumulates data for six months, it can find the inefficient expenditure items and profitability


We’ll show you what the accountant does not know

How is business?
How much money do we have at the moment?
How much will we have next month?

Бухгалтер не знает

Accounting is far from business realities. The accountant is not able to answer the question "How is business" in real time. His or her task is to report to the state in the established form at a certain time.

Construction, repair, design, design studio, event planning.

Small, medium businesses
Monthly turnover 0.5-10 mln
Several legal entities and individuals

One debit or credit transaction can be easily linked to different projects to account for their profitability later.

But you can count everything in Excel!
You can, but you need to become the guru of Excel for this. Working in Excel will take a lot of time. It's easy to make a mistake with Excel, especially when several people work there.

Transactions are entered in the browser and in Telegram chat with us.

It can be immediately seen where the money goes and what can be improved.

Finolog is not just software. We answer questions and help solve problems. We communicate with customers and develop our services.

The advisors will help build a financial model and arrange money accounting in the company. They are almost like a financial director, just without a six-figure salary.

It loads transactions from your bank

We have integration with Alfa-Bank, Modulbank, Tochka and Tinkoff Bank. Yandex.Money is coming soon.

It displays revenues and expenses, reports and gives advice. Chat is the fastest way to write off expenses. Chat understands simple text commands.

How much money does the business have?

Clients of Alfa-Bank, Modulbank, Tinkoff Bank and Tochka can enable
automatic uploading of transactions into Finolog. Everything that happens with the bank account
will be reflected in Finolog.

Самые популярные банки партнеры. Список постоянно пополняется

We have been communicating with people, looking at
customer reports, creating financial models for one and a half year.

We run courses
7,000 people have already subscribed to our courses: Antimess, Budgeting, Correcting и Personnel motivation.

We hold conferences
We held a conference in spring named «Business in Russia — 2016». We are going to rerun it in the fall.

Chief methodologist is Dmitry Zaitsev, an investor and an asset manager. He managed the investment portfolio of the IQ One fund, specializing in the Internet and Media. The size of the fund is more than 2 bln rubles.

Finolog Founder is Mikhail Smolyanov, a Chairman of the Board of Directors of Unisender. He develops Russian business in the educational center "Megaproryv". Mikhail is the author of classes on Marketing, Sales and Financial Management.

SSL encryption of data. We use the certificate with A+ class reliability, just like good banks do. Check yourself – go to, enter our site, and wait for the result

Use Finolog for two weeks for free – if you don’t like it, you can extract everything to Excel and continue to work with it.

If you change your mind and come back, you can easily import the data into Finolog from Excel.